No Minimum Terms Suspend Service When It's Not Needed
Switch Plans Anytime Connect Multiple Devices

Whatever your needs we have a plan to suit you. From our inReach™ Safety Plan for those who just want to know they can get in touch in an Emergency, to our inReach™ Adventurer Plan for those who want to track, text, email and share their adventures.

Our inReach plans have no minimum term, you can suspend your service whenever it's not needed and you can switch plans at anytime. Need more than 1 inReach device? You can connect up to 5 inReach devices to your inReach account.

Please Note: inReach New Zealand plans apply to the inReach, inReach SE and inReach Explorer models only. To connect an inReach SE+ or
inReach Explorer+ please do so via Garmin.
Pricing Includes GST
  Safety Plan Recreation Plan Expedition Plan Adventurer Plan
Monthly Access Fee
$26.39 $45.94 $80.44 $114.94
SOS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Satellite Text Msgs
inReach Msgs
10 included 100 included 200 included 500 included
$1.38 per msg 86c per msg 86c per msg 58c per msg
Tracking Points
Pay as you go 300 included 1,000 included Unlimited
40c per track point 29c per track point 29c per track point
Once off
Activation Fee
$34.44 $34.44 $34.44 $34.44
Monthly Plan Suspension Fee $6.84 $6.84 $6.84 $6.84
Critical Information
download the Safety Plan Critical 
Information Summary. download the Recreation Plan Critical 
Information Summary. download the Expedition Plan Critical 
Information Summary. download the Expedition Plan Critical 
Information Summary.
Minimum cost is $60.83 on the inReach™ Safety Plan, $80.38 on the inReach™ Recreation Plan, $114.88 on the inReach™ Expedition Plan and $149.38 on the inReach™ Adventurer Plan.
Important Notes about Subscription Plan Charges: ///

Access to the tracking and messages sent from the inReach device is managed through the web based Explore user portal. Messages may also be sent from the Explore system by e-mail, SMS, Facebook or Twitter or via Mapshare. Activate your device or Login to your account by selecting from the links above.

Satellite Text Messages: Includes any message that you compose on your inReach or companion device (Smartphone or tablet) and send to the web based Explore user portal over the satellite network, or any message you receive on your inReach™ device.

inReach™ Messages: Pre-loaded messages you send using the inReach™ push button interface.

Track Points: The individual “breadcrumbs” you use to allow others to follow your progress via your online MapShare page. inReach can send a track point as frequently as every 10 minutes or you may choose a slower frequency to conserve battery life. If you are using inReach Explorer and you set a Waypoint in the field that waypoint location will be sent to the Explore Portal and you will be charged for one track point. You will also be charged for one Track Point each time you request a location or each time you request the device to update its tracking frequency from the web based Explore user portal.

Weather Forecasts:
When you request a weather forecast using your inReach, the following rates apply:
Each forecast counts as one satellite text message against your plan.
Premium (Non-Marine):
Each forecast costs $2.24 per request.
Premium (Marine):
Each forecast costs $2.24 per request.

Terms and Conditions: NZD$34.44 activation fee applies to inReach™ plans. inReach™ services are provided by Pivotel Satellite New Zealand Limited (“Pivotel”). inReach™ uses the Iridium® Mobile Satellite network. Satellite reception limitations apply. Prices are subject to change, and include NZ GST. Actual charges may vary on your statement as charges are rounded to the nearest cent. Satellite text messages/inReach™ messages are billed per message, satellite track points are billed per track point. 1 month minimum term applies to all inReach™ plans. inReach™ plans may be suspended for a monthly fee of NZD$6.84. Access and usage charges are billed monthly, additional charges apply to usage that exceeds the included text messages and track points included in the plan. Visit http://www.alwaysinreach.co.nz for a coverage map. A compatible inReach™ device is required to access the inReach™ service. Only devices supplied by Pivotel or its authorised resellers may be connected to Pivotel inReach Plans. In any case Pivotel cannot guarantee inReach devices not supplied by Pivotel or its authorised resellers can be connected to Pivotel rate plans. Pivotel may apply call barring where fraudulent use is suspected or for credit control purposes. You will receive an itemised bill by email from Pivotel once a month which enables you to keep track of your messages and any payments made during the month. inReach™ plans are available to credit approved customers only. Minimum cost is NZD$60.83 on the inReach™ Safety Plan, NZD$80.38 on the inReach™ Recreation Plan, NZD$114.88 on the inReach™ Expedition Plan and NZD$149.38 on the inReach™ Adventure Plan. You may receive a pro-rata access fee charge on your first Pivotel bill, calculated from the actual date of service connection to the date of your first bill. inReach plans are available to customers who agree to the plan terms and conditions including email billing, and mandatory payment via a direct debit authority to a valid credit or debit card with sufficient funds for payment. Any charges for additional or excluded message types will be billed in arrears.
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